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Art narrative and concept development         Curation and Creation              Customized installation under supervision

 Leave it to us to bring your art vision to tangible visuals. Artchachi provides clients with a comprehensive range of design services that turn ideas from a mere concept to reality. Contact us today and learn what we can do for you.

Keep reading to know about our nine segments of art specialty in detail - 


If you or your client is a tasteful art connoisseur, you are definitely seeking for some distinguished original artworks for your project.

Original art means a unique one-off piece or an edition hand-pulled. It could be a classical oil painting, contemporary acrylic, luscious watercolor painting, sketching, charcoal or a drawing - Medium is never a constraint .You can get your stories, thought process done in the form of a visual framed artwork; be it a landscape, still-life, themed series, abstract, folk art (tanjor, miniuture, madhubani). You name it - we do it; and how cool it is to own an original piece of art which is unique in the whole world .

At ArtChachi, the paintings we deliver to you will be on a high quality chemically treated canvas with premium varnish for decades of sustainability.

mix media 1
Designers Working



Digital art is a type of art that creates artworks through the use of digital technology. This is a form of art that doesn't not require a traditional studio setup but neverthless, enough to express and enhance the vibes of the place. We can also transfer the copyrights of these artworks to you so that you can be the only exclusive user of such beauties.

When your conventional 2D art turns into an interesting 3D art experimental to core with evident textures and vibrance- We at ArtChachi call it mixed media art. Free from all inhibition of materials - we can mix oil and acrylics, use ceramic, metals, glass, tiles, plastic, wood - anything and everything to make this lively piece of art work for you.  



mural 1

mural 1

mural 2

mural 2

mural 4

mural 4


A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces. If a place has to speak without words - murals are the answer. From indoors, outdoors, boundary walls, pillars, showrooms to stadiums - It can be done anywhere on any mundane, plain wall.


The art form which is most everlasting and minimum maintenance post installation. Metals, stone, cement , PoP - we are doing it all. The highlight of getting sculptors done at ArtChachi is that we also specialized in doing portrait sculptors. 


An art form, exclusive to ArtChachi - Statement walls are those designer walls which turn out to be a mini gallery or display of many forms of artwork on a single piece of wall. We will curate the design that it will be an amalgamation of artworks and artifacts.


Genre of multi dimensional artwork that is often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. Due to its humongous size, it is usually done in public places. 

Image by JJ Ying
Portrait Painted with Fluorescent Makeup


A special segment with us because we have some extremely talented portrait artists associated with ArtChachi - so you should not  miss to placing an order for portrait of someone dear to you .


Archival printing, also known as Giclee printing, is the most sophisticated way to preserve quality art. These can easily sustain for 50 years with no color fading or depreciation in the quality. Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas,Felix Schoeller Canvas and Canson Museum Pro Canvas are some of the premium quality you will be getting for prints of the artworks.

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